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Full instructions and tips, including those below can found in the User Guide
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Letter Color Ranges

With the ability to change the font colors, you can also make words where the each letter is an intermediate color. Just put each letter in a shape with no fill. See the User Guide for details:

FillSlammer = Visual Delight

Linking ranges of colors together

How about linking ranges of colors together, like this?

Chained Colors

Here’s how it is done

1) Identify which shapes you want the colors to change between, and set those colors manually. In the example below they are the shapes below the ends of the black lines that indicate the groups.

Chained colors how to 1

2) Use FillSlammer on each group in turn:Chained colors completed


And finally…get smarter with colors in PowerPoint

Complimentary or clashing colors?

There is a whole science of the way colors work together (as well as lots of theories about their emotional meanings!) and it’s too complicated to go into here. Except I want to say that if you want to select colors for the end shapes that complement or clash with each other, you will find either of the following websites helpful:

But more than that, when you want to set shape fills, lines and fonts to an exact match of particular colors (perhaps the colors in a logo, or ones that you have found on the above sites), it’s a real pain to have to go into the shape’s format dialog and set the colors by hand by typing the RBG number values into the boxes. Wouldn’t it be easier just to be able to run your cursor over a color somewhere else on your screen – even in another window – and change the color with one click? Well, here’s a great tutorial on how to do that: Picky, Picky, Picky about Colors.


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